ME…who am I? A wife, a proud momma of a 3  year old boy with another little guy on the way. I think I was meant to have boys… I would definitely say I am more of a tom boy then a girlie girl.  I am a wife and a mom before anything else in this world.

So where does photography come into all of this?…Well, as a kid my mom always called me “The cut, color and paste kid”.  I was always creating something even at a young age. There is this picture of me when I was 4 years old with my first toy camera pretending to take a picture with the biggest smile on my face.  I used this photo in my final photography show in college and it is currently “missing” but  when I find it ; it will be going right up on this page :). Funny how at a young age you just know what you are meant to be.

What really sparked my interest in photography was when I took my first class in high school. I fell in love, It just made sense. I continued my education in art and photography though college, graduated and ended up working at a bank for 10 years. WHAT…yep a bank. Although I enjoyed working with my clients,  I was lacking the creativity that I enjoyed so much. I occasionally photographed families and parties,  a weddings here and there but I knew I wasn’t doing what I should be doing.

Now what?  Well I got married, a few years later got pregnant and had my son John. John…..the boy that expresses more energy in one minute then I do in an entire day. This exact thought makes me smile:).  I decided to work less and stay home more  to enjoy his childhood. He is my inspiration, my inspiration to work extra hard at everything that I do. He brings out the passion in me.  I am thankful each day for all the special moments that we share together. I feel like the luckiest mom in the world.

Where did all this bring me today?  I left my job at the bank in 2012 and and am now pursuing my dream as a photographer and of course  a proud wife and momma.  My husband Mike and I just opened up our first studio in our hometown of Lewiston, NY and are making our dreams a reality. It feels really great to say that!

I hope my story helps us connect as I capture a bit of your life story not only in your  photograph but also in your heart.


I was always into gadgets and electronics so when computers and the Internet really started to gain traction – I felt right at home. Back then it was download 1 song over the phone line and it would take all night. Now we can get 10 songs in a minute or just add the to the cloud with no delay at all. Studying Media Arts at SUNY Fredonia gave me the building blocks needed to ultimately do anything I wanted with my Mac. My wife Nicole (who totally rocks) also attended Fredonia leaving with a Fine Arts degree in Photography. 10 years later with thousands of projects under our belts I feel confident you’ll be very happy with what we can create you.